The Story of Bade Miya and Chote Miya

My dad met with an accident recently. Although he didn’t suffer any grievous injuries, unfortunately the same couldn’t be said about my beloved bike which needed quite a makeover. As usual I took out my photography gears while my bike was being looked after. I started with this cute, little gentleman working for the garage, with whom our story begins.

He is probably the shyest street kid I’ve ever seen, I’ve seen enough to know that the kids brought up in these circumstances are unfortunately too bold and overly matured for their age; but this kid clearly had a lot of innocence still left in him. He was working his heart out, kept his head down and ran from one point to another when asked to fetch a certain range or a screw-driver. He was definitely the hardest worker they had in their garage, and wouldn’t stop cleaning the parts until the last spec of dirt was washed off! It was very sad and yet he fascinated me for some reason, I tried talking to him in vain as he wouldn’t even tell me his name. All I got were a few cute smiles from him now and then, and these few pictures before his elder brother came along. Here are a few pics of Chote Miya working very hard:

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