Trekking to Thirumaleguppi & Hirumareguppi

After a failed plan to revisit Savandurga(I’ve posted pics earlier) last weekend due to people pulling out at the last moment, I decided to go on another one of my whimsical trips; looked up a random group on meetup and followed them for a two day trek to the Thirumaleguppi & the Hirumareguppi peaks. Admittedly, I didn’t know much about the place or even which state it was in, but I had more fun on this trek than I’ve ever had, both because of the sense of solitude you get at the place and because of the super cool group I was with, dumb-charades were never this fun! Also this was the only trek where I had a lot of photographs of mine thanks to another fellow photo-trekker.

After an eight hours long bus ride and then another couple in a Jeep on muddy terrains, you reach this amazing place with lush green flora all around you. From the moment you arrive at the base camp, you’d realize how different this particular route is in terms of (very bad) accessibility  and (very good) untouched natural beauty. One needs a  special permit from the forest department just to trek this route, and even then you aren’t allowed to camp anywhere on the mountains.

The trek route was very literally a slippery-slope with all the mud, made even worse by the algae on the road, and the trees everywhere, leaving us little room for a proper grip:

#1. Slippery slopes

#2. Tread lightly