About Me

These days anyone with a digital SLR is calling himself a photographer. A couple of visits to the zoo and you’re promoted to a wildlife photographer. My passion in photography wasn’t initiated from the presence of a DSLR, rather from the absence of one. My first DSLR, a Nikon D100 and a couple of lenses, were gifted to me by the super cool members of Thephotoforum.com in a combined effort. I’ve since acquired a few decent cameras and have started this perennial journey to improve my photography skills. I’m a firm believer of photos not being made in the camera, rather the six inches behind the viewfinder. I live to capture the perfect moments, which appear only for a few precious seconds and then disappear.

I was the founder of Aspiring Photographers Academy, with over 200 students in India, some of whom are now professionals by any standards. I have left my country behind since, and call Canada my temporary home for the time being.

I’m also a PADI Master Scuba Diver and the founder of Indian Divers Association, exploring the world of underwater photography – and it’s like no other!

I am passionate about many other things other than my decade worth of exploration in Photography. I am a bibliophile and I write a little, I love movies, martial arts, horse riding, programming, traveling, scuba diving and more or less anything that’s remotely exciting. Each of the skills require a lifetime to master and unfortunately I only have one life. Hopefully this website is a step forward towards my passion in photography, and rest will just have to come along the journey.

 Bragging Rights
  • Work Exhibited at Prince of Wales Art Museum, Mumbai.
  • Published in Sanctuary Asia Magazine (May 2021 & Feb 2023)
  • Published in BIAWAK, an International Journal dedicated to wildlife conservation.
  • Founder of Aspiring Photographers Academy, and mentor to 200+ Photographers in India
  • Founder Indian Divers Association
  • 2 X Freediving national record holder for India


What my students have to say: