Why we travel – A session of introspection!

Traveling costs a fortune, has no long term returns, and leaves you exhausted at the end of the ordeal. Why would any sane person travel? Why won’t one simply save the money, buy a few policies and get rich instead? Why not spend the few days off of work in the peace and tranquility of your home? Relax and recharge before you have to saddle up for that new business project that will give you your next big break! When […]

Canyoning in the Eastern Ghats: An original Exploration

A little background first. Indian Canyoneers Association is the pioneer and the only group pursuing theexceptionally technical sport of canyoneering in India, and have documented multiple unexploredcanyons. The images are from my most challenging canyon exploration ever. The mission, set in thewilderness of the Eastern Ghats, was to document a new canyoneering route. After months ofpreparation, team meetings, and research it was time to embark on the journey. This was supposed to be a six-hour long expedition according to our […]

The Story of Bade Miya and Chote Miya

My dad met with an accident recently. Although he didn’t suffer any grievous injuries, unfortunately the same couldn’t be said about my beloved bike which needed quite a makeover. As usual I took out my photography gears while my bike was being looked after. I started with this cute, little gentleman working for the garage, with whom our story begins. He is probably the shyest street kid I’ve ever seen, I’ve seen enough to know that the kids brought up […]

Trekking to Thirumaleguppi & Hirumareguppi

After a failed plan to revisit Savandurga(I’ve posted pics earlier) last weekend due to people pulling out at the last moment, I decided to go on another one of my whimsical trips; looked up a random group on meetup and followed them for a two day trek to the Thirumaleguppi & the Hirumareguppi peaks. Admittedly, I didn’t know much about the place or even which state it was in, but I had more fun on this trek than I’ve ever […]

Siem Reap: Tales of a Mystique Cambodian City

A week has gone by since I’ve arrived at Siem Reap, and now I’m heading to Phnom penh, the capital city of Cambodia. There’s been continuous rainfall since last night, one can smell the wet countryside from the bus I’m traveling in and feel extremely lucky so far that the daylong rainfall, as forecasted, visited us only post nightfall. Although the day remained cloudy, humid and kept fluctuating anywhere between extremely hot to breezy and nice, it seldom rained, leaving […]

The Khmer girl who stole my Heart and my Tripod!!

During one of my backpacking trips to the temples of Siem Reap, Cambodia, I came across this Khmer girl who was selling some hand made trinkets around the temple. For some reason she decided to leave her mother behind and started to follow me and my friend around the entire temple. After a while, probably after realizing that I was safe enough to approach, she just jumped in front of me, took my tripod away from me and handed me […]

Indonesia Day 1: Stuck in the middle of Nowhere?

At about 10:30 PM local time, after two sleepless nights and a long layover at Kuala Lumpur, we finally arrived at the Ngurah Rai International Airport completely exhausted, and dying to get some shut eye. Given that none of us spoke the regional language, I wasn’t betting on the night to end on an easy tune either. After ignoring the outrageously priced international SIM cards at the airport and the nosy taxi drivers waiting on the tourists, we located the […]

Into the Dayara – Prologue

Close your eyes and think of the most scenic place you’ve ever visited. Done? Great! Now forget all about it and go visit the breathtaking Dayara Bugyal in Uttaranchal, India. Don’t stress too much if you can’t though, I’ve got you covered with plenty of photographs to satiate your wanderlust. With lush green meadows meeting the snow capped Himalayan ranges at the horizon, the place is nothing short of a heaven on earth. For the restless soul of the travelers […]

Into the Dayara – Arrival Of A Few Friends

After spending a night in the abandoned hut with nobody but the three dogs to keep me company, the adventure was already shaping up to be a grand one. If you’ve not read the prologue to this story, I request you do so before reading this: Into the Dayara: Prologue. And so I trekked on through the beautiful oak forest for hours, never keeping track of the time. I rested whenever I felt tired, or sometimes just because I wanted […]

Into the Dayara – A Himalayan Thunderstorm!

By the time I had captured the image I wanted, my hands were freezing and I couldn’t even feel the control dials on top of my camera. I jumped inside my tent and went straight to my sleeping bag. I put my hands against my warm skin to get some motor controls back, I knew that the trip was worth it when I had this shot. The storm picked up soon, and the wind had already managed to pluck off […]